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The trout fishing is as legendary as the High Country and the Cattlemen that rode them. The Willows provides the ideal base to access and fish the Bundara, Cobungra, Mitta, Gibbo and Victoria Rivers as well as Snowy Creek system. Fly Fishermen have long recognized The Willows and the region as providing the pinnacle of Fly Fishing opportunities in Victoria (Fly Fisher: Issue 5 'The Upper Mitta Mitta'. Fly Life: Summer 08/09 Review of 'The Willows' and Fly Life: Summer 04/05 'Hoppers on the Bundara').

Each spring the snow melt from the Bogong High Plains feeds the catchments many tributaries ensuring a cool and reliable flow all season sustaining a wild Brown and Rainbow Trout fishery unrivalled anywhere else in Victoria . The High Plains headwaters, twig streams, creeks and larger rivers contain numerous pan sized fish, larger specimens and the occasional trophy ensuring that both novice and experienced angler alike are satisfied.

Early season nymph and wet fly techniques are quickly complimented by the arrival of the famous Kosciusko Dun hatches with Stonefly and Caddis also arriving in large numbers. Terrestrial insects such as beetles and ants soon follow. By the New Year the Hoppers are making their presence known on the streams providing arguably the most exciting dry fly fishing in Victoria . As the Hopper Fishing subsides in autumn the Trout become restless and start leaving their lies and can often be found quietly sipping Duns along the bubble lines and in the tails of pools.

Essential Information


Suggested Rod Weights'

Bundara River'

3 to 5'

Victoria River'

2 to 5'

Cobungra River'

3 to 5

The Gibbo'

3 to 5'

Mitta Mitta River'

4 to 6'

Various Creeks'

Up to 4'

Expected Hatches

The Willows Fly Box suggestions'


Nymphs (all season)'

Brown or PT Nymphs in sizes 12 to 16'


Kosciusko Dun and other Mayfly'

Kosciusko Dun, Shaving Brush, Klinkhammer, Parachute Adams in Size's 10 to 14'



Elk Hair Caddis sizes 12 to 16'



Red Tag and Tea Tree Beetle sizes 12 to 16'



Wee Creek Hoppers size 10'


Various Mayfly/Duns'

Parachute Adams sizes 12 to 16'

Generalist Patterns'


Stimulator sizes 12 and 14'


Royal Wulf and Royal Humpy sizes 12 to 16'



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