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“When I want to give overseas guests a truly authentic, romantic Australian experience, I bring them to Packer's. Packers High Country Horse Riding is one of those truly authentic experiences...A magic escape to a bygone era of cowgirls, rustic charm, camp fires and horses for every ability”

Rachel Ward, Sydney.


This is truly off the beaten track, stunning country — it is everything I imagined Australia to be. I loved staying in my rustic hut overlooking the dam and horses grazing. It would be a perfect escape for an artist or writer. 

We had such adventures riding through the bush, up the mountains and along the crystal-clear rivers on safe comfortable horses with lovely guides. I recommend it to anyone who wants to escape… I hope I can come back

Sophie Robinson. Herefordshire, UK.


"Wow. One of the rare, magical places that's a joy to discover. Remote and charming. I don't ride, but had a great walk exploring the river and swimming holes whilst my friends were on the trail ride. Helen's a real gem. And the Blue Duck down the road is a great spot for a post-ride drink".

Debbie Dickinson from Fitzroy, Melbourne.


"I've been fortunate to travel the world and visit some extraordinary places, but nothing comes close to the peace and serenity of a stay in the Bundarra valley, with the delightful Helen Packer.  Exceptional accommodation is provided, as are hearty & delicious meals.

Should you decide to ride, every care is taken, as Helen hand picks the right pony for you, answers all your questions and sets you up for an adventurous ride across the Victorian high country.  Once you've experienced this corner of paradise, and sat around the camp fire, watching a galaxy of stars above you, you'll never want to leave."

Matthew Stipanov. South Yarra, Melbourne.


"I'm so glad that I found Packers on my visit to Anglers Rest. From the moment I met Helen and her beautiful horses, I knew this was a gem of a find for riding and pure country bliss. I'm not a very experienced rider, but Helen took great care in making sure I had a gentle, friendly horse. I was at ease right away, and as we began our ride along the river, I was overcome by the tranquility and beauty that surrounds Packers. It truly is a magical place and will leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated. I will definitely be back!"

Joelle Auffray, Port Melbourne.


“As a person who grew up with horses, coming to Helen's place is a real treat and home from home. From hanging out at the farm house with a cup of tea, to meeting your horse, tacking up, and heading out on the ride, it was amazing. The horses are happy, engaged, and really part of their own herd up here. It is beautiful to see. The rides are in the hills looking over the valley, and they cater for different abilities meaning if you want to gallop you can, if you want to just soak it all up and relax, it's all there. We even made a stop at the pub to have a quick pint before getting back on and meandering home. Helen and her place are pretty special. I just love it there and can't wait to be back."

Adam Bumpus, Port Melbourne.


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